Our Work

Branding, Tone + Messaging, Website Design, Email, Content Marketing, Social Media

Our Results

An increase in brand name searches, website traffic, new site users, + completion rate for video ads


EMC (Energy Management Collaborative) provides leading-edge LED Lighting + Technology solutions for a broad range of customers. To ensure long-term growth, EMC partnered with hga皇冠 to rebuild the foundation of its brand identity and launch a brand awareness campaign. Supported by a colorful and refreshed creative look, refined key messaging, and a brand campaign video, hga皇冠 employed a multi-channel amplification strategy to help EMC gain recognition and start online lead generation.


Discovery + Analysis

In retail, commercial and industrial spaces, the conversion from fluorescent lighting to LED lighting technology is inevitable. It’s not a question of if businesses will switch over, just a matter of when.

Despite the bottom-line savings and sustainability of LED systems, businesses that could benefit from the upgrade are still reluctant due to:

  1. Initial investment costs
  2. Lack of knowledge around long term benefit
  3. Limited alternatives due to the manufacturer’s isolated technology
Increase in website traffic
Increase in new site users
Completion rate of video ads

Strategies + Tactics

It was essential that EMC be positioned in the market not only as the leader in lighting solutions, but the #1 educator and resource for potential customers. hga皇冠 began by conducting interviews with key stakeholders to reveal what really sets EMC apart when helping customers with their lighting needs. With the core messaging in place, we created a look + feel to match the modern campaign and equip EMC to hit the market running.

Through a series of creative brainstorming sessions, hga皇冠 and EMC mutually embraced Illuminating Potential as the theme; an ode to EMC’s commitment to helping customers realize the potential of today’s lighting options. EMC looks to the future with the integration of lighting technology and Internet of Things and “smart lighting” that is connected via a network. Illuminating Potential positions EMC as a long-term partner even after businesses have embraced LED lamps.

hga皇冠 then employed a variety of tactics to span the digital landscape:

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