One of the highlights of working in-person is the hallway chatter that inevitably results in an exchange of ideas. While we’ve adopted a hybrid work model at hga皇冠, many companies remain fully remote, so we rounded up our share-worthy ideas for everyone to partake.



Rhythmic Philosophy Commits Scheduled Time to Deep Work for Productivity

Sarah Sullivan, Project Manager

hga皇冠’s project management team kicked off our book club by reading Deep Work, which shares several models + philosophies to achieve distraction-free concentration.

Rhythmic Philosophy is a new practice that I've added to my routine because it gave me a greater sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. It involves sectioning off time committed to working more deeply.

I’ve also found the practice of ‘rituals,’ such as pouring a cup of coffee and queueing up a playlist, to be beneficial for getting into the rhythm of deep work.

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Everyone Is a Writer—so Be Intentional About What You Say

John Kocon, Senior Digital Strategist

This year I had an opportunity to learn a new skill by being a part of the SharpSpring “Agency Growth” series. Through this event, I talked with Ann Handley after reading her book Everybody Writes.

I’ve never thought of myself as a writer, but as Ann said, “If you have a website, you are a publisher. If you are on social media, you are in marketing. Communicating well in writing isn’t just nice, but it’s necessary.”

I discovered the importance of choosing your words carefully and always writing with intention.

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Checking the Right Items off Your To-Do List Is True Productivity

Dan Bailey, Solutions Engineer

I began reading Greg McKeown’s Essentialism this year, after a recommendation from hga皇冠 leadership and it’s been eye-opening.

The approach to being more productive isn’t trying to cram a never-ending list of tasks into a finite block of time—it’s taking a strategic approach, making choices about what to tackle and understanding the implications of those choices.

Productivity isn’t a matter of checking items off a list. It’s checking the right items of the list.

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Google’s Machine Learning Has Increased the Competitiveness of Smart Shopping Campaigns

Nick Meyer, Senior Paid Media Strategist

Google is easily the widest known search engine online, making it a priority for pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and more specifically Paid Shopping Advertising. At the core of Smart shopping campaigns is machine learning, which tests combinations of ads, then selects the most relevant ones, which automating placement and bidding.

hga皇冠’s paid media team has been doubling down on Smart Shopping campaigns during the latter half of 2021 because the technical sophistications have made these newer campaigns worthwhile. Smart Shopping is undoubtedly here to stay and will only get better from here.

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‘Disagree and Commit’ Helps Us Work as a Team Toward Collective Goals

Michelle Peterson, Senior Content Strategist

A marketplace of ideas among teams produces the best strategies for our clients. That means we need to be vulnerable with sharing out-of-the-box ideas and practicing resilience if those ideas get shot down. The theory of ‘Disagree and commit’ means it’s OK to disagree with a final outcome, but then you need to fully commit to the winning idea.

No resistance; just collective commitment to success as a team.

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